Joe Arpaio Discloses Actual Age

Joe Arpaio, former sheriff  announced  age is not a factor and will run for Senate in Arizona after Republican Jeff Flake retires this year.  “John McCain is a toddler compared to me”, said Arpaio.  “I’m actually 118 years old and have the spunk of an 85 year old”.   Arpaio claims the confusion on age comes from past statements on his energetic 85 year old spark.  “At 118, I might not be able to see as good as I used to, but I can  see well enough to generate revenue to build the wall.    I plan on introducing a bill that would create a chain of government stores called ‘Tent Cities’ in malls across America.   States will sell tents to raise money for the wall and leverage my legacy.    It complements the President’s  slogan with a catchy new phrase  I’m campaigning on “Put America in Tents Again”.