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20 Something Moves Out of Parents House

Phoenix Arizona – In a move that surprised everyone, 22 year old, John Babich, moved out of his parents house suddenly after receiving a surprise call from American Express offering him a job in customer service.     Babich, an avid gamer and youtuber, described the decision as “I guess it’s ok” when asked if he…

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Barry Manilow Purchases Rare Antique

Madison, GA – The small but beautiful town of Madison Georgia is known for many things.   Hosting songwriting sensations is not one of them.  But this week, Madison had the honor of Pop Singer Songwriter Barry Manilow visiting one of the town’s unique antique shops.    Manilow was seen to be shopping for antique baseball…

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Scientists Identify Receiving is Better than Giving

Boston, MA – Scientists at Loyola Dell University are reporting what they call a breakthrough in the human brain.  For centuries it has always been thought that the satisfaction in giving was better than receiving.    A 12 month study of 153 men and women between the ages of 18 and 55 revealed that each…

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